You may well be familiar with several of the brands we’ve helped to create and launch.

Often we’ll be there from the outset. And we’ll contribute to every aspect of brand development and brand strategy – from the naming, to the visual identity, to the packaging.

Several of our clients also ask us to frame their marketing messages, put them across, and make them stick – using, for example, direct mail, digital media, and traditional advertising.

This area of our work is particularly broad – drawing on our business wisdom and strategic thinking, as well as our graphic design and technical skills.

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Branding by the visual works


In a world that’s awash with digital communications, we’re strong believers in print.

Now more than ever, a high-quality, well-thought-through piece of physical collateral can help you stand out. And, in many situations, there’s really no substitute for the tangible, tactile qualities of the printed page.

But print isn’t easy. Some would say it’s a dying art. Which is why we’re particularly proud of our old school expertise, along with our print-related insights and instincts.

see some of our printed work


We’ve been building beautiful websites since the early days of the internet.

As digital marketing has evolved, so have we. And now, with an ever-larger proportion of traffic coming from mobile, we create sites that work brilliantly on any device.

Take a look at our website work, and you’ll see a broad range – from simple brochure-sites through to sophisticated e-commerce engines.

see some of our websites

graphic to show manageable content management system


Unconventional wisdom

Conventional wisdom might tell you that, in this day and age, you should build your websites using an open source content management systems (CMS).

At The Visual Works, we take a very different view. We know every off-the-shelf CMS back-to-front. And we find them far too inflexible, far too inelegant, and unnecessarily fiddly to use.

So, we created manageable – our very own content management system – and we keep on evolving it.

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Thanks to our technical knowhow, our web-development work has led us into the creation of broader web-based applications – some of them quite unusual and unexpected.

For several clients, we build and operate sophisticated, web-based information management systems.

So, for example, we:

  • Run the stock control systems for a national name in the lighting business
  • Developed a real-time scheduling system that helped one of our clients to triple in size
  • Help several festivals to manage their ticketing arrangements

Applications & Management Systems

User Experience

Leveraging UX to increase customer engagement with websites and applications is our speciality.

A good user experience means that users feel comfortable interacting with your site or application. This includes things like navigation, ease of use, and visual appeal. If users find something confusing or difficult to understand, they will likely abandon the site or app before completing their task.

User Experience Design Principles
There are several principles that guide us when designing a user experience. These principles help ensure that our designs are intuitive, easy to navigate, and effective.

Take a look at our work, and you’ll see a broad range of examples.


Our UX Design Service was part funded by ERDF 😊

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